Asesoramos al contribuyente, en el tratamiento jurídico-tributario de su situación y lo asistimos en los procedimientos de determinación de oficio, liquidaciones administrativas, impugnación de multas o clausuras, así como inspecciones, sean en sede administrativa o judicial.

También asesoramiento en procesos de transformación, reorganización, fusión y escisión de empresas con el propósito de maximizar los beneficios impositivos.

We offer daily and direct counseling to prevent possible lawsuits either in the definition of the policies of human resources, carrying out labor audits, preparing and implementing reorganization processes of personnel, counseling on the negotiation of bargaining agreements and assisting in labor disputes.


In the immigration arena, we carry out an integral analysis prior to the expatriation of employees and perform the necessary formalities considering the contracting conditions, the position they shall hold and the needs of the client.


We assist companies to defend their interests in inspections, determinations and appeals carried out by the AFIP (Argentine Tax Office) regarding social security contributions. Likewise, we advise personnel in charge of Human Resources of companies in the liquidation of social security contributions. 

We counsel clients who intend to issue securities to be placed publicly. Likewise, we advise on all matters related to the application of the regulations of the Argentine Republic Central Bank (BCRA), debt restructurings and relations with financial entities. 

We analyze scenarios and suggest alternatives that best meet the needs of our clients to resolve reorganizations, mergers and break-ups of big companies.


We have a great experience accompanying top companies, both as purchasers or sellers, regarding transfer processes of partial and total capital stocks, negotiating and drafting the necessary instruments to that end. 

Asesoramos dentro de campo contractual del derecho deportivo a entidades, deportistas profesionales, técnicos, agentes de jugadores e inversores privados nacionales o internacionales, actuando también en la defensa de sus intereses ante la justicia ordinaria y federal; y en los distintos organismos y tribunales arbitrales.-

We advise our clients on the formation, registration and regular maintenance of corporate structures, not-for-profit organizations and local or foreign civil associations to comply with the necessary legal requisites pursuant to the kind of activity and investments carried out in Argentina.


We have a vast expertise in the regular maintenance of corporations controlled by different agencies: I.G.J. (Superintendency of Companies), C.N.V. (Argentine Securities and Exchange Commission), B.C.B.A. (Buenos Aires Stock Exchange), B.C.R.A. (Argentine Republic Central Bank), S.S.N. (National Superintendency of Insurances).

We carry out an integral assistance in foreign trade matters related to legislation in imports and exports, tax-free areas and special customs areas.


We carry out matters related to the import and export of products such as customs matters, international trade contracts, agreements, taxes and foreign exchange.


Also, we counsel our clients on the analysis on foreign exchange regulations for the settlement, entry and exit of foreign currency. In this sense, we assist clients in the summary proceedings filed by the Banco Central de la República Argentina for infractions or non-compliance with the criminal exchange law and with the applicable regime for the financial system. 

We counsel and assist on any kind of administrative contracts and selection proceedings of contractors such as public and private biddings or exceptional contracts.


We advise our clients with recourse proceedings, appeals and claims before the Federal Administrations (either centralized or decentralized), as well as before Provinces and Municipalities.


We have a vast expertise in regulated markets and transactions with public entities.

We work in all the stages of the process that implies to determine the impact of the environmental regulations according to the activity and the sector in which the client develops its business. We carry out environmental audits, all formalities to obtain permits and qualifications, settle-down proceedings and formalities before governmental authorities and direct lawsuits.


We advise companies on the treatment and answer of administrative requests issued by environmental authorities and legal-environmental opinions, fines and sanctions imposed.


Likewise, we assist our clients in the early detection of possible contingencies which may exist to eliminate or diminish its impact. 

We guide the most effective strategy for such companies that need authorizations of the public sector to operate, either due to grounds related to local mergers and acquisitions or due to global transactions.


We carry out preventive counseling of possible conflicts which may appear in the area of consumer rights and Fair trade matters.

We defend the interests of our clients, both as defendants or plaintiffs, in all kind of lawsuits. Likewise, we intervene in alternative means for the resolution of conflicts such as mediations and arbitrations in the different areas of the Law. 

We work in the preparation and management of private and public trusts whether for management, guarantee or financial. Hence, we carry out an interdisciplinary analysis of the case and select the best legal vehicle to formalize the trust transaction cooperating with the client in the appointment of its actors as well as in the best alternative to formalize the pertaining contracts and the supplementary documents in economic terms.


We assist the client in the post-formalization stage in order to perform follow-up audits, the administration of the contract and the possible liquidation of the trust. Our experience allows us to integrate the needs of the client with the opportunities of the market and maximize a legal instrument that provides excellent results for the protection of assets through its conveyance and serve as guarantee for other commercial transactions. 

We participate in the planning and structuring of contratos de colaboración empresaria (business cooperation agreements), UTES (temporary consortiums), and joint ventures. We draft sale and purchase agreements of companies, distribution agreements, transportation agreements, franchise agreements, provision or supply agreements, management agreements, business management and consortia (association of businesses) mainly.


Besides, we counsel our clients on the different essential matters for the protection of their interests when signing any kind of contract and agreement. The expertise of our team comprises not only contracts with effects in Argentina but also the coordination of impacts in other jurisdictions. 

We defend the interests of our clients, both as defendants or plaintiffs, in all kind of lawsuits. Likewise, we intervene in alternative means for the resolution of conflicts such as mediations and arbitrations in the different areas of the Law. 

We carry out audits aiming to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the different segments according to the interests of our clients. We specialize in regulations for different sectors, permits and licenses, fixed assets, environmental matters, hidden liabilities, significant agreements, labor matters, social security, taxes and lawsuits.


We trust in multidisciplinary work; consequently, we work together with advisers having a vast expertise in several matters to provide the most complete diagnosis. 

We have a team of lawyers with extensive expertise in property law and real estate business, which allows us to perform consulting work and to provide comprehensive legal advice to both local and foreign clients regarding investments in Argentina.
Our experience in this type of projects obliges us to provide integral assistance to our clients, pointing out alerts that should be taken into account from time to time depending on the national and international context of the industry. Therefore, our assistance includes advice in the areas of commercial, regulatory, environmental, foreign exchange, tax and foreign investment law, among many others, which allows our clients to better balance their own investment risks and maximize their benefits.